Aircraft Operator

I plan
a flight

Enlarge your airport choices: compare services & infrastructure, chose the best alternative fitting your flight

Easily Compose complex trips around a comprehensive and dynamic timeline: your project becomes the centerline for all vendors

Consult slot availability for congested airports prior to permission request (where connected to the system)

Master your expenses: get cost consolidation prior to booking

I engage
flight dispatch

Organize your Service providers around your flight: involve them into collaborative project and drive the service supply according to your schedule needs

Save time on dispatch operations, easily order services through a comprehensive catalog: FBO & Catering, Hangar & Outside Ramps, Fuel supply, Helicopter transport

Get a real time offer quotation from your Providers and order

Find your usual contract terms with your Partners

Secure document transmission to FBO

I manage schedule

Access your trip projects wherever you are at any time

Reinforce your business flexibility on complex trip changes, thanks to a leg management approach

Efficiently handle late trip changes through a common process workflow

Stay connected with your service providers from quote to transaction closing

I organize payments
& accounting

Apply your usual Contract terms with Partners

Do business as usual, keep your payment business habits

Secure payments through Credit Cards and programmed Bank transfer

Get your Vendor invoices in the transactional workflow

Track your service supply and benefit from a claim channel to contact your Vendor

Control your transactions & statistics