Service provider modules

Organization module to manage your company
business profile

  • Company showcase to promote business, facilities & assets
  • Multi-subsidiary profile 
  • Fine User rights management for team work organization
  • Secured customer payments

Service and catalog modules to enhance customer autonomy and automate quotes

  • Smart catalog to maximize Customer autonomy at ordering and automate quotations
  • Price management module to integrate negotiated rates at quote 
  • Cancellation policy module to manage cancellation rules
  • Hangar & parking scheduling and load management module 
  • Helicopter transport module to offer the right service at the right place
  • Fuel service module shaping offer to customer and airport location

Collaborative end-to-end process to stay connected with
your Customers

  • Shared Customer flight schedule and synchronized order management
  • Slots & Prior Permission Request workflow
  • Interactive ordering workflow from quote to claim
  • Order management dashboard converting services to schedule 
  • Invoice generation
  • Platform messaging with customers
  • Email confirmation at every key step

Scheduling modules
to manage
your daily work

  • Mouvements dashboard and calendar
  • Service scheduling and organization calendar

Business monitoring modules
to keep
operations on track

  • Business statistics
  • Incoming payments dashboard