Fuel Supplier

I reach customers
through my sales outlet

Boost your business exposure attract new Customers: open a new sales channel to gain visibility and selectively share prices with Customers and by location

Push geographical boundaries: extend offer availability to airports in vicinity to those you usually supply

Pull supply chain forecast : consolidate customer demand to optimize logistics for price sensitive SAF green fuel

Manage your sales terms and Pricing

I receive
customer orders

Automate customer quotations and transform to orders: to shorten upstream  treatment time

Automate your price list update with high frequency for accurate quotations: by airport and by Customer contract

Collaborate into the Customer’s Flight project: and organize your delivery around his needs

I manage schedule

Stay connected with your Customer for late trip changes, manage real time order changes and track Flights

Reduce treatment and reinforce your business flexibility: by automating and standardizing the order change management through collaborative workflows

Manage your Cancellation policy: according to your cancellation rules

I organize payments
& accounting

Do business as usual: apply your usual Contract terms with Partners

Expand your supply to new customers through secured payments: Credit Cards and programmed Bank transfer

Send your invoices in the transactional workflow

Organize your service supply and benefit from a claim channel to solve Customer issues

Control your transactions & statistics